What To Consider Before Deciding on Roofing Services

Your roof is a vital part of your property. This is the barrier that is protecting you, customers, and your business from elements like the occasional California rain. Just like the roof on your home, it can serve you for an extended period, but during that time your will need to repair, or patch it, before just replacing it. Knowing which roofing solution is best for your commercial property can be tough, but in the end you will want to spend your money wisely.

Here are four considerations to help you decide well:

Roof Age

This consideration is the most crucial factor when deciding whether to repair, replace, or patch your roof. If the roof has exceeded its recommended lifespan, consider replacing it. For example, an asphalt shingle roof can last around 20 years. If the roofing contractor notices your roof has some damage after ten years but determines it is still in good shape, the contractor can recommend repairing or patching it. The contractor can recommend replacing an old roof showing signs of aging.

Any Leaks?

A roof leak doesn’t mean you have to replace your roof. You can resolve isolated roof leaks in an area of flashing with a repair or patch. Patching can involve fitting a few shingles or fixing a localized problem. Multiple leaks throughout your roof can indicate a more significant problem requiring a replacement.

How Much Roof Damage?

If you experience different issues throughout your roofing system, it may be time for a replacement. The challenges can range from vents, shingles, flashing, and decking. These problems may show structural damage, and it often happens after the roof exceeds its recommended lifespan. Newer roofs can have minimal damage, and they may require a repair or patch to have them in excellent shape.

How Long Are You Staying at the Property?

Are you renting, leasing, or own the property? How long do you plan on being at this property? The answer to these questions can make all the difference in deciding on what you choose to do. Patching or repairing the roof is usually the more sensible option for people that are only occupying the property temporarily. Looking to sell in a few years? Consider the building’s market value with a roof near its projected lifespan to decide well. You may see a 70% return with a new roof. A replacement can suit homeowners occupying a property with a roof nearing the end of its lifespan, and they intend to remain on the property for over a decade.

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