We use the highest quality roofing materials

At Peterson Roofing we are dedicating to providing our clients with the highest level installation and maintenance of all types of commercial roofing systems. Our roofing professionals proudly serve California and beyond.

Roof restoration and coatings

Cost of re-roofing out of your budget range? Well, we may have right the solution for your commercial property. By installing the right restoration system on roofs that pass our stringent restoration standards, we may be able to extend the life of your commercial roof indefinitely and bring it back to like new condition all while offering long-term factory warranties ranging from 10-20 years.

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Commercial Roof Replacement

At Peterson Roofing, we pride ourselves on building you the best roof possible, utilizing the highest grade materials and the most up-to-date roofing technology. Our employees are highly trained, motivated, and safety-minded which means you can rest assured your hard-earned dollars are well spent. We provide our clients with only the best warranties available. That means pre and post job inspections by a factory representative. We specialize in commercial re-roofs and new construction and proudly install Carlisle and GAF single-ply roofing. Other roofing systems available are composition shingles, metal roofing, and BUR.

Please call today or fill out the contact me page to set up an appointment for your next roofing project.

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Roof Inspections

Whether its an inspection for a commercial real estate purchase or a yearly roof checkup, you can rest assured an inspection by Peterson Roofing will give you the best overview of your current roof condition. Our inspections come with detailed, easy-to-read roof findings with multiple pictures of any defects. We will also provide a cost for repairs in each report.

By having your roof inspected on a regular basis, owners and asset managers can help extend the life of their commercial roof by staying ahead of small roof problems before they become major problems. Ready to set up your commercial roof inspection?

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Roof Maintenance & service

At Peterson Roofing, we are firm believers in preventive maintenance of your buildings roofing system. You would not buy a new car and never have the oil changed, the tires rotated, or just have a simple tune up. Well your roof is no different. When you have a roof maintenance/service contract with Peterson Roofing, you can rest assured that you are being proactive with your buildings roof and not waiting for issues to arise. This in reality could save you or your client untold amounts of money and headaches in the future. So what needs to happen now that you have made the decision to move forward with yearly scheduled roof maintenance?

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